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Custom made wheels

At Forrez's wheel department, Forrim, your agricultural wheels are custom-made.



The Elite wheel is a fully customized wheel that is manufactured in our own production unit in Ieper. This wheel is specifically designed for mounting agricultural tires and offers adjustability. This means that the wheel consists of various components, namely the rim with crown, the disc, and the interchangeable center part. By adjusting the position of these components, different track widths can be achieved.

Culture wheel with crown (position of choice)
+ disk (4x2 or 4x3)
+Custom-made and painted interchangeable middle section 12-430 (secured with Nordlock rings) in color.

Download the technical catalogue (dutch/french)



Here, the Baseline is an adjustable rim suitable for mounting touring tyres. However, the rim crown always has a fixed offset of -50, resulting in some approximate track widths.

Culture wheel with crown (fixed position) 
+ standard disc (8x1)
+ replaceable middle section 12-430

Available in silver gray, white, Fendt red, and John Deere yellow - available from stock.



Download the technical catalogue (dutch/french)

Fix 20|Forrim

FIX 12 - 15 - 20

This type of rim is a fixed rim. Meaning that the offset cannot be changed. Depending on the rim size, we can offer disc thicknesses of 12-15-20mm. The discs are always provided with a curvature and are welded on both sides to the casing.

  • Fix 12: Rim with fixed, profiled disc of 12 mm, painted in colour
  • Fix 15: Rim with fixed, profiled disc of 15 mm, painted in colour
  • Fix 20: Rim with fixed, profiled disc of 20 mm, painted in colour

Download the technical catalogue (dutch/french)

Fix one|Forrez


The Fix One is a solid rim available in various disc thicknesses. However, with the Fix One, the disc edge is bent so that it can be welded on one side of the casing. The use of only one weld seam offers several advantages.

  • Greater contact area due to the converted disc
  • More flexibility in the rim
  • Preload between disc and casing

Download the technical catalogue (dutch/french)