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Groene energie

Our durable company

Everyone is talking about the transition from a linear to a 'circular economy', something that FORREZ has had in its DNA since the early sixties and has continuously invested in. 

When you consider that 60% of total greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to material-related activities, this deserves all the attention. "By repairing and reusing existing materials, we can ensure a decrease in resource and energy consumption, resulting in less CO2 emissions," as stated in the Climate Plan. The forward-looking role we play in this is the next step.

forrez international

Green energy

  • FORREZ has a large windmill on the grounds of its headquarters.
  • The current wholesale store in Ypres has 5,000 m2 of solar panels. Solar panels are also installed on the roofs of our buildings in Fleurus, Leuze, Rochefort, and Zeebrugge.
  • In our car policy, we have definitively transitioned to hybrid and electric vehicles.
  • At our headquarters in Ypres, electric charging stations have been installed so that the company and private vehicles of our staff can charge during the day.

Recycling of old tyres and rims

  • We work together with tire recycling companies to give new treads to mainly truck tires. Many worn-out tires thus get a second, third, or sometimes even a fourth life.
  • Every Forrez customer can leave their old tires when purchasing new ones, and we take care of the sorting. All our tire centers are authorized collection points where worn-out tires are collected for processing. Recytyre receives environmental contributions and has subcontractors like Kargro who take care of tire processing, based on what is still usable and what is not. Some qualify for the secondhand market, while others are retreaded or ground down and reused for the production of fuel, quiet asphalt, and sports fields.
  • Our rim production company, Forrim, delivers old metals to authorized collectors so that they enter the recycling chain.

Repair and vulcanization of tyres and rims

In the sixties, we repaired and vulcanized tires. For truck, agricultural, and construction machine tires, Forrez has its own repair workshop. Thanks to our hot vulcanization and large autoclaves, we are able to perform sturdy repairs on large tires. This allows these tires to be reused.

Rims for agricultural and industrial machines are adjusted and repaired in our own workshop so that they can be reused.


Fuel saving

  • On our online webshop, tire labels can be found: European legislation requires that each tyre receives a label indicating the level of fuel consumption, allowing customers to choose the most fuel-efficient tire. Forrez informs its customers about this and advises based on sustainability. These labels apply to both car and truck tires.
  • Forrez sells pressure control systems for agricultural tyres, allowing farmers to lower the tire pressure in the field. This improves traction, reduces slippage, and decreases fuel consumption.
  • We are the exclusive importer of ALCOA rims in the Benelux region. These rims are forged aluminum rims for trucks. These rims weigh 30 kg less than their steel equivalents, resulting in a weight savings of 360 kg for a truck with 12 wheels, leading to significant fuel savings. Moreover, these rims have increased durability due to their strengthened construction and their precision contributes to even lower fuel consumption.