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New winter tire legislation in Germany and austria

M+s + snowflake|Forrez

From October 2024

Starting October 2024, it will be prohibited for motorists in Germany and Austria to drive on winter tires marked only with the M+S symbol. Tires produced before 2018 bearing this symbol will still be recognized as winter tires until September 30, 2024. After that, they will no longer meet the winter tire legislation of both countries.

Winter or all-season tires manufactured after January 1, 2018, must have a snowflake symbol on the side to be qualified as winter tires under the new regulations. The M+S marking alone will no longer be sufficient.

Motorists driving on tires that only contain the M+S symbol after October 1, 2024, risk a fine. Moreover, there could be insurance issues in the event of an accident.