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Tyre repairing

A collision with a sharp object can cause air to get trapped between the layers of the tyre. This can result in the separation of the tyre layers. If moisture also penetrates, oxidation can occur. This combination will weaken the tire, potentially leading to a blowout.

Forrez has its own in-house vulcanization department for repairing your truck, agricultural, industrial, and road construction tires. We repair tears and other damages in tires through vulcanization. In principle, we can repair all damages caused by collisions. We are capable of vulcanizing various parts of the tire, including beads, torn treads, sidewalls. After vulcanization, the tire is as good as new and just as strong as before.

Forrez also offers rim repairs. Regardless of the type of vehicle, we have the necessary expertise to professionally repair your rim. So, if you have a deep scratch, a significant dent, or a fracture in your rim, Forrez is here to solve it for you.