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PBS tyre pressure system

Paridaans tyre pressure system

Paridaens pressure-changing system for tractors and self-propelled machinery

With the Paridaens tire pressure system, you always ride with the correct tyre pressure. This pressure exchange system maximises efficiency for your machinery. There are several reasons to choose such a system:

  • Enhancing traction
  • Saving fuel
  • Preserving soil structure
  • Reducing tyre wear

Of course, it is also possible to equip a towed vehicle with a pressure exchange system. Consider options like a slurry tanker, tipper, manure spreader, or field sprayer.


The system is composed of modules, making it easy to combine or expand.

  • A tractor is equipped with an air pressure system, controlled by a console in the cabin.
  • Behind it, there is a manure tank with an air pressure system.

This is connected to the tractor's console and will be emptied or filled simultaneously.


To inflate the tyres, a compressor is required. This can be done using the compressor of the air brake system, but for larger quantities, an additional compressor is necessary. This can be mounted on the tractor and can be powered hydraulically or via a power take-off (PTO).

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