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PTG tyre pressure system

2- pipe tyre pressure system

2-pipe system for tractors and self-propelled machinery

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure can be a time-consuming task, which is why we often neglect it. However, this can lead to issues such as structural damage due to deep treads. Deep treads cause fuel wastage, and incorrect tyre pressure results in unnecessary tyre wear.

With a TPMS tire pressure monitoring system, you can easily resolve these issues.

  • You can save on fuel costs.
  • Improved protection for infrastructure and crops.
  • Better efficiency.

The benefits of the PTG 2-pipe system

High operational reliability through controlled rim valves. Once the set pressure is reached, the system becomes pressureless. This results in a longer lifespan of the components. No pressure loss in case of hose breakage. No ball valves that need to be closed to prevent pressure loss.


Advantages of the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system

  • Improved fuel efficiency in the field and on the road (10 percent-15 percent). For example, 5 cm track depth is equivalent to continuously driving up a 5 percent slope.
  • Reduced rolling resistance on the field and on the road.
  • High driving stability on the road, even at high speeds.
  • Reduced soil compaction due to a significant increase in tire contact area.
  • Significant increase in traction due to larger tire contact area with the ground.
  • Minimal to no harmful soil compaction.
  • Increased crop yields.
  • High degree of self-cleaning of the tread due to the flexible tire.
  • Less tire wear or damage.

These points apply not only to agricultural tractors and self-propelled vehicles, but also to trailers and towed equipment by reducing the bulldozing effect. As a result, the required pulling force will be reduced and the trailer will be easier to tow.

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