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Ballast filling


Forrez works for the filling of agricultural and industrial tyres with the product Zeus Polyfill.
Zeus Polyfill is composed of a "2-component" urethane-based tyre filling material, which has gained a reputable name in the market. Polyfill has been developed not only to replace the air in the pneumatic tyre, thereby helping to prevent future flat tyres, but it also provides various other benefits such as safety, reliability, continuous mobility, stability, and longer tyre lifespan.

Water filling

InduFilling these tyresstrial tyres are usually filled with air, but very often with water as well.
with water offers significant advantages. Water filling, in fact, causes the machine to gain weight or lower its centre of gravity. Often an antifreeze agent is added to prevent the water filling from freezing in winter.
Typically, calcium chloride or magnesium chloride is used for this purpose.
Water filling is done for both tubeless tyres and inner tubes. For tubeless tyres, it is very important that the wheels are treated against rust, for example, by means of powder coating.