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A poorly aligned car consumes more fuel, reduces driving comfort, and causes tires to wear out faster and unevenly.

Forrez has the most modern equipment to align your car correctly, allowing you to save fuel and have an easier-to-handle vehicle. 

You can recognize poor alignment by:
- Uneven wear on the inside or outside of the tire
- The car veering to one side
- Steering that feels too heavy or too light
- The steering wheel not returning to its original position after turning.

It's not just passenger vehicles that need alignment.

Forrez is also the expert in aligning your professional vehicles: trucks, trailers, buses, coaches, tractors, and more. When a vehicle is poorly aligned, it is not evenly loaded, resulting in irregular tire wear. This also affects your fuel consumption. With a properly aligned combination, you can save up to 4% on your fuel consumption. Have your vehicle's alignment checked at least once a year. A correctly aligned vehicle contributes to a positive return on your investment. Forrez has professional laser equipment to perfectly align and adjust your vehicle as prescribed by the manufacturer.

Benefits of a properly aligned vehicle:
- Less and even tire wear
- Lower fuel consumption
- Reduced wear on ball joints and axles
- Reduced engine load
- Lower operational costs.

The difference between balancing and alignment:

Balancing ensures that your wheels roll correctly without vibration at all speeds. Alignment, on the other hand, positions the tires at the correct angle. We ensure that they are exactly parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground.