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Forrez international is onze hoofdzetel en groothandel van banden en velgen

About Forrez

Forrez is a family-owned SME that has been active in the distribution and sale of tyres and rims for nearly 60 years, catering to cars, trucks, as well as agricultural and industrial vehicles. With a network of 17 branches, manufacturing agricultural rims, and operating as a wholesaler for tire and rim imports worldwide.

Mission and Vision

Forrez tyres is entirely focused on delivering customers the appropriate solution for their requirements, no matter what type of production line this concerns.

We pride ourselves on our personal touch, many years of experience and our excellent team of motivated and enthusiastic staff.

Service is our principal goal and every day we aim to top our own efficiency standards.

Forrez tyres guarantees a fair pricing policy and aims to maintain sustainable business relationships. Forrez Banden employs key experts for all production line requirements!

With our internal logistics department and extensive stock we strive to deliver our products; rapidly and accurately.

Forrez tyres aims at remaining one of the market leaders in the Benelux, whilst continuing to explore the French market.

Thanks to our close cooperation with manufacturers, combined with our professional approach, we are more than ever ready and able to offer the appropriate products to our customers.


Forrez Tyres was founded in November 1964. Lucien Forrez (†2008), together with his wife Maria Decuypere (†2020), started mounting tyres in a garage behind their house in Zillebeke. Located in an agricultural area, the choice to specialize in agricultural tyres was obvious. In addition to tires, the company also increasingly specialized in carrying out repairs to steel rims. In that time the foundation was laid for our own rim construction.

Acquisitions followed each other in quick succession and now Forrez Tyres has 17 of its own tyre centers, mainly spread over the west, east and the south of Belgium. In the Netherlands, “De Hoeve tyres and wheels” was taken over, which later became “Forrez The Netherlands”. In 2002 our own rim construction was started up in Ypres.

“Forrez International’, our wholesaler in truck, agricultural and industrial tyres became an established name in our own country and neighboring countries. A new distribution center was opened in June 2009 and the 50th anniversary of the group Forrez was celebrated in 2014.

In 2020, a second brand new distribution center will be set up to strengthen the wholesale trade, mainly exporting to the Benelux and France.

The company employs a strong team of specialists who are committed to professional knowledge, a fair price and a good customer service.

The company is governed by Geert Mertens and his wife Christine Forrez, daughter of the original driving forces and founders of the company.

Geert Mertens en Christine Forrez