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Agricultural wheels

Wheels play a crucial role in the performance of agricultural vehicles. They are not only responsible for supporting the weight of the vehicle but also influence the grip, stability, and maneuverability on different types of terrains. At Forrim, we are happy to assist you in making this choice.

Forrim|velgen op maat

At Forrim, your wheels are custom-made

Since 2002, Forrez has had its own production department for developing and manufacturing rims for agricultural, forestry, industrial, and earthmoving machines. Our customers appreciate the craftsmanship and precision of our products. We offer each customer a bespoke total solution along with the appropriate tire selection. We are a one-stop-shop!

From steel sheet to finished rim

To manufacture our products, we source bare rims from specialized companies all around the world. The wheel discs, crowns, and reinforcements are then custom welded onto the rims. To fabricate the wheel discs, our production department has a hydraulic press capable of pressing wheel discs up to a diameter of 200 mm. This press can also handle disc thicknesses of up to 20 mm, allowing even the heaviest tractors and agricultural machinery to be equipped with sturdy rims.

To drill the hub mounting surface in the wheel discs, we have 2 lasers and various CNC machining centers at our disposal. For inserting the wheel discs, we use a specially developed welding robot, exclusively for Forrez. This machine is equipped with two welding machines that ensure fast and precise insertion, with optimal adhesion of the workpieces. An additional advantage is the consistent welding.

All rims undergo a process of degreasing, blasting, and coating with high-quality 2-component paint. For painting, we use an ultra-modern spraying installation that enables rapid color changes.

In addition to custom-made rims, Forrez also offers dual-wheel rims. Furthermore, we have an extensive range of standard rims and second-hand rims. This allows us to meet all your needs and offer a wide selection.

Technical catalogue (dutch/french)

Full range of agricultural wheels