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Regrooving tyres

Did you know that your truck tyres’ lifespan can be lengthened? When your tyre’s tread has worn down to approximately three to four millimetres, it is time to consider  regrooving them. Regrooving is a process of deepening the tread profiles, to ensure once again the improved grip and continued use of your tyres. The lifespan of a regrooved tyre is extended by around 25%, you use less fuel and it has less impact on the environment than producing a new tyre.

Regrooving is only possible provided the tyre is in a sound condition. If you wish your tyres to be regrooved, then such an option must be indicated on the tyre wall; usually by a ‘U’ symbol or by stating ‘Regroovable’. Our mechanics will first check your tyre’s condition and then use special equipment to avoid damaging the tyre’s structure.

Please note: a regrooved tyre must never be used on the front axle of trucks.