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General conditions

If tyres and/ or tubes are mounted, the bolts of the wheels must be tightened after 30 and 100 km. We refer explicitly to our general conditions, in particular to the agreement of arbitration.


1.We are only committed to articles concluded by our representatives after written acknowledgement on our behalf. Complaints that the delivered goods do not correspond with the ordered ones, will only be allowed when is there is a written order.

2.We are not committed to the delivery date and exceeding the delivery date can never result in paying penalty interest or compensation. It can never result in cancelling the order except by registered mail respecting an option of 30 days on our behalf.

3.The goods are dispatched and travel at the client’s risks.

4.All of our homemade products have a warranty of 1 year.  All product- or supplierliability will be rejected if the goods were not produced by us, if the goods had any change after delivery of if the products have any damage due to abnormal usage.  Concerning the goods that were not manufactured by our company, the client has the same legal rights as we have towards our supplier.  

5.Tyre repair is subject to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, nature of damage,... No warranty applies to a repair of a tire that was repaired outside our own workshop.

6.Every delivery or service takes part of an indivisible agreement. Without prejudice to the clause 3 above-mentioned, the delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the latter, but are at the client’s risks from specification thereof.  Non-payment at maturity obliges the client to send back the goods on his risks and costs at first demand of our behalf and to admit access to the location of the unpaid goods to allow us to dislodge and recuperate his goods with all costs at the client’s expense.  Any non-payment allows us permission to retain the entrusted goods without preliminarily notice.

7.The client hereby confirms that he irrevocably desists from his property rights to any good that is stored in our premises or facilities during two years, in case no storage fee has been put into his account.

8. Complaints will only be valid by registered mail to our headquarters within 8 days after delivery. We are always entitled to replace the refused goods, without any right to additional compensation for the client.  Complaints will never discharge the client of paying the invoice at the due dates.

9. Our invoices are payable in cash without discount.

10. Any fully or partially unpaid invoice at maturity rightfully produces a 12% interest from due date without notification or any other formality.  Any fully or partially unpaid invoice at maturity rightfully produce a compensation without prejudice of the aforesaid penalty interest and without notification or any other formality, to an amount of 12% (minimum 125 euro) of the amount due in principal, even if we accept terms of delay, by means of compensation for judicial costs.  The non-payment of an invoice rightfully makes all unpaid invoices claimable.

11. The acceptance of an establishment of drafts in payment or remittance of values does not entail impairment of these general sales conditions.  Particularly the dispositions of article 8 remain of application

12. As a mutual guarantee and commitment for a fast settlement of controversies through arbitration, B.A.I. (Belgische Arbitrage Instelling) is charged with the appointment of arbitrators who will be authorized to settle for good any controversy arising from the current document as to the interpretation, the execution or the dissolution, in conformity with its regulations for operation that can be obtained free of charge at B.A.I., Lieven Bauwensstraat 20 at 8200 Brugge. (tel. 0032 50/32.35.95 and fax 0032 50/31.37.31).

The Delivery terms are also mentioned on our site