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Preventive check

Correct tyre pressure is essential to get on the road in a safe and comfortable manner. The compressed air in the tyre carries the mass and it is therefore vital that it is adjusted exactly to the loading and to the speed the tyre rotates.

Correct tyre pressure results:

  • lower fuel use
  • reduced tyre wear
  • excellent grip
  • superior road holding


Penetration by a sharp object can result in air between the tyre’s belt layers, which may cause the belts to separate. This also allows moisture to get in and cause oxidation; a combination that weakens the tyre’s structure and can result in a blowout.

Correct repair can only be performed on a tyre removed from the wheel to allow inspection of the tyre’s inner surface. This inspection will determine whether a tyre can be repaired.

tyre storage

With your tyres in storage at Forrez, the space in your shed or garage space remains free. Meanwhile, your tyres are insured against fire and theft.

The advantages :

  • easy and quickly available when exchanging!
  • close at hand when required
  • the tyres are insured against fire and theft

If you don’t have the space to store your summer or winter tyres at home, or simply just don’t want them under your feet, Forrez welcomes the opportunity of storing them for you. And whenever you require them, they’re simply right there at hand! Meanwhile, during storage your tyres are insured against fire and theft. The storage charge is calculated per season.

wheel alignment

A misaligned car uses more fuel, reduces the comfort when driving and causes faster and irregular tyre wear. Forrez possesses the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to align the wheels on your car properly, making it easier to drive and handle, as well as more economical to run.

How to recognise poor wheel alignment:

  • irregular wear patterns on the inside or outside tyre shoulder
  • the car will tend to pull to one side
  • the steering will feel too heavy or too light
  • the steering wheel will not return properly after cornering

oil change

To maintain your car properly, it is important to change the oil regularly. Oil and its lubricating functions are key to your engine’s lifespan and performance. Oil has various functions:

  •  reducing friction
  •  cooling the engine
  •  protecting against rust
  •  ….

Book an appointment for a professional oil change. We only use the oils specified by the manufacturers.

minor maintenance

During a minor maintenance the oil is replaced and the battery, brakes and the shock absorbers checked. Your lights are checked and adjusted, dirty filters replaced, fluids such as screen-wash and coolant are topped up. Your window wipers and exhaust are also checked.

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