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The tyres for your car are crucial for the safety of your family, your fellow motorists and yourself. Tyres are the only contact between the car and the road. This contact area covers only the surface of a hand!
So it is of utmost importance to be able to rely on your tyres.
The quality of the tyres increased enormously in recent decades thanks to new technologies and higher performance production.

Summer tyres

The term "Summer tyres" has first been used quite recently. These are the type of tyres that were previously considered as “regular” tyres. They are the best choice in "normal" weather conditions. They have a perfect water and heat discharge and also have a good grip and a good durability.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres provide more security in “bad” weather conditions (-7 ° Celsius). The winter tyre has a different rubber composition than the summer tyre. This rubber remains flexible in winter conditions. This results in an even better grip, more comfortable handling and an increased safety, thanks to the so-called lamellae. These lamellae deform during the unwinding which ensures a better grip on the road surface.

4-season tyres

A 4-season tyre is the alternative for seasonal changing of the tyres. The rubber composition and profile of a 4-season tyre is completely different from those of a summer and winter tyre. A 4-season tyre has a tread compound that provides good grip at high and low temperatures. It goes without saying that winter tyres perform better in extreme winter conditions and summer tyres at higher temperatures. Our climate, however, has hardly extremes and therefore a 4-season tyre is a good alternative.

Run on flat

A "run on flat" tyre allows you, in case of puncture or blowout, to continue your way for about 80 kms. This tyre will take you home or to one of our tyre services. Thanks to the reinforced sidewalls this kind of tyre carries the weight of the car, even if there is no longer air in the tyre.

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