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Breakdowns 24/24

Forrez have a whole fleet of service vehicles that are used for breakdown service or fitting of tyres on location. Additionally Forrez disposes of 4 OTR-breakdown trucks which can be used for even the largest road construction tyres mounting on location.
Forrez offers you a 24 / 24h, 7 days out of 7, breakdown service to low well-known rates.

Flandres: T: 057 20 22 07
Wallonie: T: 069 34 36 20
Glimes: T: 010 88 24 24
Rochefort: T: 084 44 43 16


Zeus Polyfill is composed of a "two components" -urethane based tyre filler. It already has acquired a reputable name in the market.
Polyfill has not only been developed to replace the air in a tyre, which helps to call a stop to future punctures, but it also provides other various advantages such as safety, reliability, constant mobility, stability and a longer life for the tyre.

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