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Breakdowns 24/24

Forrez disposes of 25 service cars that can perform breakdown service or fitting of tyres on location. Thanks to our membership in Profile Tyrecenter, Forrez can offer a 24 / 24h, 7 days out of 7, breakdown service across Europe and this at known rates.

Flandres:   T: 057 20 22 07
Wallonie:  T: 069 34 36 20
Glimes:   T: 010 88 24 24
Rochefort: T: 084 44 43 16


Zeus Polyfill is composed of a "two components" -urethane based tyre filler. It already has acquired a reputable name in the market.
Polyfill has not only been developed to replace the air in a tyre, which helps to call a stop to future punctures, but it also provides other various advantages such as safety, reliability, constant mobility, stability and a longer life for the tyre.


Forrez is the expert for aligning your truck, trailer, bus, coach, ... When a vehicle is misaligned, the tyres are not loaded equally, therefore you get an uneven wear. This also has implications for fuel consumption. With a properly aligned combination you can save up to 4% on your fuel consumption.

Fleet Controls

Forrez come to you to check your trucks in order to get the most out of your tyres. The tyre pressures are checked and if necessary, adjusted. The tread depth is checked in function of the wear and tear to regroove the tyres, to permute, to turn on rim, ... In addition, the tyres are checked for irregularities and other damage. You will be advised a report on the current state of the fleet and the actions to be undertaken.

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