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Preventive control

The correct tyre pressure is essential to drive in a safe and comfortable way. The air in the tyre carries the mass, so it is very important that this is adapted in function of the load and the speed of the vehicle.
Correct tyre pressure leads to:
- Reduced fuel consumption
- Less tire wear
- Excellent grip
- Excellent behavior on the road


Penetration of a sharp object may lead to air infiltration between the belt layers of the tyre. This can lead to separation of the belts themselves. When next to this issue also moisture penetrates the tyre this can cause oxidation. The oxidation will compromise the rigidity of the belt so that this may lead to a blowout.
A correct repair is only done with a disassembled tyre, because the inside of the tyre must be inspected first to evaluate the condition of the entire tyre.
Come visit us in time to repair your tyre.

Tyre storage

We can store your tyres.
Your tyres are always at your disposal.
Likewise, your tyres are insured against theft and fire.


A misaligned car consumes more, reduces the comfort of driving and makes your tyres wear faster and unequally.
Forrez has the most modern equipment to align your vehicle correctly. In this way you will use less fuel and you will have a much easier car to drive.
Misalignment can be recognized as follows:
- Uneven wear on the inside or outside of the tyre
- Deviation from the car to one side
- To heavy or to light steering of the car
-The steering wheel does not return after taking a curve.

Change oil

Very important in the maintenance of your car is an oil change. Oil lubrication determines the life and the performance of the engine. Oil has several functions:
- Reduction of the friction
- Cooling of the engine
- Protection against corrosion
- ....

Make your appointment for a professional oil change at Forrez Tyres. We only work with oils that are prescribed by the manufacturers.

Small Maintenance

During a small maintenance not only the oil is changed, but the battery, brakes and shock absorbers are checked as well . Also, your headlights are adjusted if necessary, dirty filters replaced if needed. Windshield wiper fluid and coolant are to be filled and a check-up is being done on your wipers and exhaust pipe.

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