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A good battery provides the energy necessary to start your car. Additionally, the battery also provides the electricity for the various car- parts.
It is better to do a check-up on a regular base which will save you a lot of trouble, especially during the winter periods with freezing temperatures.
We can provide the right battery for all types of cars.


Forrez recommends to have your brakes checked regularly to ensure the proper function of your vehicle and the safety behind the wheel. We can provide any type of brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, .. so you can continue your journey in all safety.


The rubber on the wiper is worn after a year so the visibility for the driver decreases in drizzly weather. Optimal visibility is essential for the drivers safety.
Come in time to Forrez to replace your windshield wipers.

Snow chains

With the exception of the Ardennes, snow chains are less used here in Belgium.
Still, it is recommended that you always have a pair of snow chains in the car during wintertime. Forrez provides a whole range of snow chains for each different tyre size. These snow chains are very easy to fit. All necessary instructions and regulations come with the chains.
Quality control and safety are of the utmost importance for us.

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